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"Fear of Healing"

Luke 8:26-39

It sounds crazy. Demons torment a man, but with the
permission of Jesus they enter a herd of swine and rush off
a cliff. What a story! The tormented man is healed and
restored. What is most astonishing, however, is the
reaction of the local folks who have seen the man
healed. They react with—no—they are “seized with great
fear.”  They want Jesus to get out of town. So he did. Why do
you suppose they were so afraid? What made it so hard for
them to consider what good he had done, even if it was
beyond their understanding? In our day, there are plenty of
crazy things that would have astonished the hearers of
Jesus’ day. Demons of many varieties torment the people and
society of our day. Are we just as guarded in our
willingness (even afraid) to open ourselves to that which
only God can do? Let’s take a moment to find ourselves in
this story, for it is more current than it may seem.


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