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      "persistence is a virtue"

                           Luke 18:1-8

The story of the heartless judge and the persistent widow is the book of Luke at its best.  I say so, because I think Jesus is having a lot of fun with us.  The judge is powerful, arrogant, and utterly lacking in compassion.  He has no respect for God, which explains his callousness.  Yet he is intimidated by this widow, who has none of his title, status, or power.  He is afraid she is going to wear him down—and he can’t have that!  We worship a God who—unlike the judge—yearns to give us what we need.  Yet we behave—unlike the widow—as if we don’t need to persist in our appeal, that we don’t need to come to God as she has come to the judge.  The act of church worship is evidence of our solidarity with the widow in Luke.  Still, genuine persistence with God is something of another sort.  The widow in the story was vulnerable and unimportant in her society but she emerges as one of the greatest figures in the Gospel accounts.


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